Hello alarm-clock contributors and users,

After a long period of being unmaintained, I am thrilled to announce that alarm-clock has a new maintainer: @tatokis!

You may have noticed a recent burst of activity in the project, with lots of improvements, bug fixes, and even a new 0.4.1 release! All of these developments are thanks to @tatokis.

New maintainer

As the original creator of alarm-clock, it makes me very happy to hand over the maintainership to @tatokis. He has already made significant contributions to the code base, including porting the project to Gtk 3, GSettings, GtkApplication, GActions and a more modern CMake build system. All of these improvements should also enable alarm-clock-applet to be packaged in modern Linux distributions. I am confident that the project will thrive under his leadership.

Note: The maintainership was handed over in Nov 2022, but I felt it was appropriate with an official announcement. My apologies for the delay in making this announcement.

Posted by Johannes H. Jensen,
Jan 19, 2023