This is the first major release since 0.2 and it includes many improvements and bug fixes:

* Alarm Clock has moved to the notification area and can be started as a normal application
* An option to autostart Alarm Clock on log in has been added
* Blink icon when an alarm is triggered
* General User Interface improvements
* Improvements to the alarm list window
* Add sorting of the alarm list
* Notify bubble improvements - remove per-alarm notify bubble settings
* Snooze improvements - global snooze settings, enable snooze for timers
* Add translation support - translations are now done in Launchpad

Bugs fixed:

243153 - No hint bubble when there is a "&" sign in the label
334684 - Notification needs to be improved in jaunty
421098 - Source code an Gentoo QA
490824 - Sorting alarms on time
500600 - Update countdown for active alarms in alarm list
501069 - Remove deprecated gnome-vfs dependency and use gio instead
501073 - Remove deprecated libgnomeui dependency
502230 - Properly seek player to start when looping

Please see the ChangeLog for more details.

Posted by Johannes H. Jensen,
Mar 16, 2010